Monday, August 31, 2015

Orange domino adult!!

One of my Therea regularis nymphs matured!! Unfortunately, the other nymphs are nowhere near maturing, so it will likely die before it gets to mate. It is a male, and he is very beautiful! The spots look more orange in the pictures than in real life, but they are still quite orange. Here are some pics!

Hopefully the others will mature before this guy dies, but I highly doubt it. Oh well. Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

Taiwanese leaf roach update

These guys are really prolific!! I started with 20ish, and I now have well over 50! They just eat up everything I put in their cage, really fast! I took a couple of pics of one individual, I never knew these guys had blue eyes!

Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

More JC pics!

Took more pics of my biggest Jerusalem cricket the other day, so far he has eaten cat food, carrot, two mealworms and a Rhabdoblatta formosana nymph. Here are the pics!

Such bad manners! :p

My smaller nymphs have not eaten much, I have moved the smallest to a smaller cage, so it can locate the food easier. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

My new Jerusalem crickets!

All three arrived safe and sound, and have been moved to their new homes. Another great transaction with DETHCHEEZ from Arachnoboards. I am keeping them in small tupperwares filled with coconut fiber. I gave them cat food, carrot and zucchini. One of them took bites of all three, but seems to enjoy the cat food most. I'm gonna wait a day or two to feed them live foods, so they can acclimate to their new enclosures. Anyway, here are some pics of the largest one!

The enclosure (It's the same for all of them)

I look forward to rearing these guys to adulthood, these guys can be challenging to keep, and I'll be trying my best. Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Flytrap update

My Venus flytrap is doing great, lots of big traps with red mouths. Here are some pictures!

Hope you guys enjoyed this short post! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Order!

I have just purchased 3 juvenile Jerusalem crickets! These guys are very cool, and I am hoping to possibly breed them in the future, if I have one of each sex of course! These guys take about two years to mature, so I'll have to wait to breed them for quite a while! No one I know has ever been able to successfully get the females to oviposit, so chances are I won't either. But hey, somebody's gotta try! Anyway, these guys are really cool, they are omnivorous, but really have a taste for live invertebrates. When they get here, I'll try to get a video of them eating. They are a burrowing species, and spend most of their time underground. I will let you guys know when they get here!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Teneral Polyphaga saussurei

I checked my Polyphaga saussurei cage the other day and found a very freshly molted nymph. I had to take some pics, I don't believe I've seen pictures of this species freshly molted before, not that it's very important. Anyway here are some pics of the little cutie!

I can't say it enough, but I love this species! Anyway, see you guys later, and I hope you enjoyed! :)

Alaus melanops update

My larva is about to pupate! I put it in a jar with very compressed substrate, and it has made a pupal cell! Unfortunately the cell is not on the side of the jar, so I can't see anything. I hope I can rear it to adulthood! Here are some pics of the larva before I moved it to the jar.

If possible I will try take pictures of the pupa, and hopefully the adult! Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

E.capucina video

Here's that video I promised! It's rather long, most of the mating action is in the beginning and towards the end.

Hope you guys enjoy! :)