Saturday, May 23, 2015

My new Pseudomops septentrionalis!

Just got these guys from Kyle at, 11 nymphs total. This is a really cool little species from the southern US, and the adults are day-active! I fed them a chunk of apple, and a piece of cat food. They seem to prefer the apple by far. Some of the nymphs have a light brown border on their pronotum and thorax, a less stunning version of the adults bright white border, I suppose. Anyway, here are some pics!

And here's a video of them!

I'm gonna have fun breeding these! :) That's it for today, Hope you guys enjoy!


  1. How are these coming along? Have they been relatively easy to care for?

  2. They are doing well, and seem to be fairly easy to care for so far. I have one subadult that I'm expecting to molt soon, which is exciting!