Sunday, May 22, 2016

Some Roach Stuff, As Well As A Embaphion Update!

Here are a few updates on some of my roaches, and one small update on one of my darkling beetle species, I hope you all enjoy!

My Gyna lurida nymphs have been slowly growing, and after checking the cage yesterday I found out that one male matured! He is a beauty, I love the patterning on him! Hopefully some females will mature soon so he can mate.

Here are some pictures of him:

Really glad I have this species, I'll have to get more Gyna species in the future!

My Paranauphoeta discoidalis female matured about a month ago, though I haven't tried photographing her at all. Wish I had taken a picture of her as a nymph, the nymphs of this species are very pretty looking. Oh well, hopefully she will have nymphs of her own soon, then I can take as many pictures of them as I want. My male might be getting old, he seems to be moving slower than the female. Hopefully he was still fertile enough to mate with her.

Here are some pictures of them:


The happy couple (Male on right and bottom)

Can't wait until my female gives birth, I will let you guys know when that happens.

The four Dorylaea orini nymphs I got have been doing very well, and two of them have molted into what I am hoping is the subadult stage. The pink tropical springtails (Sinella curviseta) that I added to their enclosure have also been doing very well, and may be the solution to my mite problems!

Anyway, back to the roaches, here are some pictures of one of the nymphs:

Hopefully in a few months I will have adults, I am very excited to have the chance to breed this species!

Now next week I was supposed to get a shipment of new roaches, however it has been postponed to the week after that, so it will be a short while until I get them still. Once they come I'll definitely post about them, these are gonna be a cool new addition to the US roach hobby! :)

Apparently Embaphion muricatum pupa only take a few weeks to eclose, which is faster than many darkling beetles I have bred. Today I found an adult in one of my pupa enclosures, I quickly removed it and put it in a well ventilated cage, too much humidity can quickly kill adults. I believe this one is a female due to the size, I could be wrong though.

Here are some pictures of it while is still teneral:

Another one of my pupas looks like it will mature soon:

Can't wait until these guys start breeding, I would love to spread these around the hobby more.

Well, that's gonna do it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed, and I'll see you all next time! :)

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