Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Orange Isopods, Pie-Dish Beetles & My Rose Haired Tarantula

I have been having good luck isolating a orange color morph from my Porcellio scaber colony, I found a few orange individuals in a campground a few years ago and put them in with my normal P.scaber, resulting in dull orange offspring between the two. Luckily when I isolated those dull orange individuals they produced some bright orange offspring, along with some normal ones as well.

Here are some pictures of the brighter colored individuals:

I have moved these individuals to their own enclosure and will continue isolate the color morph even further until it is pure. :)

My "Orangish" Oniscus asellus are also breeding, most of the offspring look rather normal, just a bit lighter than normal O.asellus, there are no intensely colored individuals yet, but hopefully that'll change.

Here are some pictures of the adults:

Really hoping some of the offspring will be a brighter shade of orange, this color morph is nice but I would really love a intense orange color morph of this species.

My Embaphion muricatum have been doing great, these are one of the easiest to breed darkling beetles I've ever kept, I've been rearing quite a few larva to adulthood, and these new adults have begun laying eggs already.

Here are some of my adults together:

I may have larva of this species available for sale in the future, they are pretty rare in the hobby and I would love for them to become more common. :)

My Grammostola porteri, Rosie, has been eating a lot since she shed her skin, which is normal for a tarantula that has recently molted. The other day I fed her a superworm, which she pounced on as soon as it hit the substrate, and I took a few pictures which I thought I'd share here.

Here are the pics:

She's getting plump again, which is good, hopefully she'll continue to do well and live a very long life!

Anyway, that's gonna do it for tonight folks, I hope you guys enjoyed, and I 'll see you all soon! :)

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