Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Isopods & African Bullet Roaches

I somewhat recently collected some Armadillidium vulgare as feeders for my Tasgius melanarius, (which all died out BTW), and they have actually been doing pretty well for me and have started breeding. For the past few years I've had some difficulty keeping this species alive, however this new strain seems pretty hardy and will hopefully continue to breed in my care without crashing.

Anyway, here are some pictures of them:

I also thought I'd post some photos of my Porcellio scaber, since I have yet to post pictures of normal looking P.scaber on my blog. These guys are really hardy and prolific, and I've had this colony for over two years now.

Here are they are:

I'm really growing fond of isopods, they are (usually) very easy to keep and breed, and many species can have really cool color morphs that can be isolated, plus they can be useful as cleanup crews or feeders. Overall they are very interesting little creatures. :)

My African bullet roaches are doing very well, they are a very prolific and fairly fast growing species, and some of the nymphs are maturing already! I'll probably have to start using these as feeders soon, I really need to get some more predatory invertebrates...

Anyway, here are some pictures of them:

I'm glad these guys are doing so well, hard to believe this colony started with only a single sexed pair! Luckily these guys are pretty well behaved when the enclosure is opened, they never really try bolting out of the enclosure until I start misting them, and even then only a few individuals, usually males, try to escape.

Well that's gonna be it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I'll see you soon! :)

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  1. I was thinking of purchasing some of these for my geckos. Do they climb or fly & are there exoskeleton soft bodied??