Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Closing Out 2019!

As this year comes to a close, I'd like to thank all my viewers who read and comment here, your support is much appreciated! 😁 This Spring marked my return to the hobby, and while I have started somewhat small, I'm hoping to scale things up a bit in Spring 2020 with some promising new additions I'm working on acquiring! 😄 In the meantime though I've evidently been able to breed Gyna capucina, and also produced the first litter of Bantua sp. "Namibia" babies in the US! (Hopefully many more litters will follow soon).

2019 wasn't without some losses, my 14 year old cat, Sophie, died in March, which was a devastating loss for me and my family. 😢 I've struggled a bit with anxiety and depression this year as well, which has been a pain as well, but I'm hoping 2020 will have more amazing ups than devastating downs, and will start a new era for this blog with fresh new species, new additions to the hobby as a whole, and more blog posts! 😅

So here's to 2020, may it bring lots of joy, peace, and invertebrates to us all! 🎉😁🎉 Thanks so much for reading, have a wonderful New Year's, I'll see you all in the next post! 😉

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