Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine's Day Gyna Update!

My Gyna capucina are doing great, I'm seeing more first instars in there, and the small nymphs from my original package are all growing nicely now, so I'm sure my females have been giving birth! 😁

I'm getting a new wave of adults maturing, mostly males, some of which are pretty large, others are super tiny... Why that is, I'm not sure, as their enclosure is pretty dang spacious, and they've got more than enough food, just weird variation I suppose! 🤷 Since it is a mix of sizes, and they're all healthy looking, I'm not complaining!

Anyways, here's some pictures of one of the smaller males, figured this would be a good post for Valentine's Day, they are pink roaches after all... 😜 (Let me know what ya'll think of photos aligned to the center of the post, rather than the left).

"Belly rubs?" (covered in dust because he tried escaping a couple times)

Here's hoping I'll have plenty of these guys available this year, they seem to be doing well so far, I really wanna try and get these well established in the US! 😄

Anyways, that's it for this post everyone, I hope all you couples are having a great Valentine's Day, and hope all you singles are doing alright too! 💕 Thanks for reading, I'll see you all next time! 😉


  1. Happy V-day! It's spectacular seeing you have so much success with the capucina. :D Do you know approximately how warm you're keeping them (I'm sure you said in a previous post, but I'm lazy lol)?

    I personally like the centered photos way better than the side-aligned ones, but I may be a bit biased since you know how my posts are laid out. :p

    1. Yeah, I'm doing something right I guess! 😄 Got a heat cable under half their enclosure, so the substrate there is in the 80s I think, the deep substrate helps hold and distribute heat, and the rest of the enclosure doesn't drop below the mid seventies I don't think... I really need to get a heat gun or portable thermostat of some sort... 😂

      Yeah I knew that'd be your answer... 😜 I think you're converting me though, I really like how it looks on eduD...

    2. And your blog too of course! 😄

    3. Interesting! So would you say the success is attributed primarily to the heat and deep substrate then?

      Yea, there's something about how it separates the show portions from the tell portions of the post instead of sorta blending them and making neither really stick out.

    4. I would say my success is due to the fact that I'm keeping them drier than I've kept other Gyna, have them in a big enclosure, (they don't like crowding), and am feeding them large quantities of food compared to other Gyna species, (these have much larger appetites than other Gyna and people may inadvertently be starving their capucina).

      Well thanks for the input, I may have to switch to this format. :)

    5. Thanks a bunch for the info! I'll keep it in mind if this species, or similar ones, should ever fall into my hands.