Sunday, August 2, 2020

Blapstinus Update

I've not been updating you all on them, but my little Blapstinus sp. breeding project has been going well, despite their enclosure being one of two containers in my collection with a Leucocprinus infestation in the substrate, they're trucking right along! They've actually been breeding for a while now, and the larvae in the enclosure have started reaching their mature size. 😃
For the past two weeks or so, I've been throwing a few of them in at a time into a poorly ventilated tupperware with around a centimeter of moist, compressed coconut fiber at the bottom, and today I dug around in there and found two pupae and two fully darkened, captive bred adults!

They definitely don't take long to develop, unfortunately I've not been keeping dates of exactly how long it takes them to develop from a pupa to an adult, but it's gotta be only a little over a week I'd say... Well, when they're kept above 80F at least. So the time it takes for them to get from egg to adult is only 3 months or so when kept that warm.

Anyways, here are some pics of a larva, a pupa and one of the recently matured CB adults:

The larvae of this species can be a bit dark, like mini Zophobas


CB adult

So far it seems like they're easy as heck to breed, don't know why I've had trouble in the past, perhaps because I used to try getting them to pupate communally in their breeding containers? Removing large larvae and throwing them together in a special pupation setup seems to work much better.

Well, that's gonna do it for this post, thanks for watching, hope you all enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all in the next post! 😉

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