Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Ceuthophilus gracilipes Attempt #2!

Magnificent Beasts Package Series Pt. 1/6
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I've just received a box from a great friend of mine, Brandon Maines of Magnificent Beasts, who's really helped fill in the void left by a couple large cockroach vendors here in the US that either went out of business completely or stopped being consistent in the hobby a couple years back. I actually sold him the bulk of my collection when I left the hobby temporarily back in early 2018, and we've been good friends ever since. 😁
Anyways, he generously sent me this package filled with several species that I have been wanting to get, and I'll be dedicating posts to each of the species I've gotten, maybe combining a couple here and there. Most of what I got were roaches, but in this post I'll be discussing Ceuthophilus gracilipes gracilipes

That's right, Brandon also got this giant US native camel cricket species from Alan Jeon earlier this year, but it was cooler where Brandon lives, and thus his adults actually made it to him alive and well! They bred readily for him, and now he's sent me a group of 10 nymphs to work with myself, all of which arrived safe and sound! 😄 

I've got them all set up in the same tall, moderately ventilated enclosure I had dedicated to my lone, short lived adult female, with vertical bark pieces and cardboard rolls for hides. The substrate is coconut fiber, with bark chips and leaf litter strewn all over. I'm keeping them humid and cool, around 68-72F°, and will be feeding them chick feed, fruits, and maybe the occasional pre-killed mealworms. 

Here are some pictures of them:

Such an interesting species, glad to have a nice starter colony now, fingers crossed they breed well for me! 😁

Also, quick sidenote, since I'm already talking about camel crickets, just wanted to say that my Ceuthophilus agassizii culture is doing great, lots of babies, and some of the first CB nymphs are now approaching adulthood! Been using excess males as feeders for my rose hair tarantula, as she's picky and only likes crickets or cricket-like roaches, flat roaches and beetle larvae are of little interest to her. 😄

Anyways, that's gonna do it for this post, but there are a lot more species to post about from this package, looking forward to showing you all the new roaches I got! 😃 Thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉


  1. omg... i need to try some of those! i don't like crickets because they are noisy, but, do these also chirp?

    1. The adults have no wings, so no chirping! 😁 They aren't quite as prolific as true crickets though, and can be pretty territorial in comparison, (but C.g.gracilipes seem pretty communal, if fed protein regularly).