Thursday, August 19, 2021

A New Species of Panchlora!!!

That's right, I just received a species of Panchlora that is brand spankin' new to Blatticulture, Panchlora sp. "Guadeloupe"! 😁 This species was originally collected and cultured by my friend Enzo Rodrigues (AKA Enthomo Farma on facebook or @enthomofarma on IG), and he has been spreading them around in the hobby for a little while now. Me and another good friend, Lucca Dana-Coulon of Lucca's BioHub got starter cultures of this species, and Lucca actually sent the group they got to me as well due to their inability to set this species up properly at this time, so now I've got quite the large starter colony of around 20 nymphs! 😄 Hopefully they breed well for me so I can send some back to Lucca at a later date, and get them established in the US hobby ASAP!

This species of Panchlora looks much like Panchlora sp. "Giant" as adults, that is if sp. "Giant" had been run over by a truck. 😂 The adults are very broad and flattened, and are a pale green color, not quite as vibrant as P.nivea or sp. "Costa Rica". The nymphs look like typical Panchlora nymphs, and the husbandry for this species is the same as most of the other species in the genus. As far as I know these are one of the larger Panchlora species in culture, which is nice to hear as well!

I have my nymphs set up in a moderately ventilated container with a substrate of coconut fiber about an inch deep. I have vertically slanted bark and corkboard hides for them to use as adults, and some leaf litter on top of the substrate as well to nibble on. I'm keeping them humid and warm, around 75-80F. For food I'll be offering dog food and fruits, in addition to the leaf litter that is.

Here are some pictures of the nymphs:

As you can see in these pictures, the nymphs have little tubercles lining each abdominal segment, something I've not noticed in the other Panchlora spp. I've bred. Some of them are quite large already, really looking forward to seeing them mature! 😁

Well, that's gonna do it for today, thanks for reading, hope you all enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all in the next post! 😉

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