Thursday, December 23, 2021

Drymaplaneta & More Perisphaerus Babies!!!

Well, just found hatchlings in my Drymaplaneta semivittata enclosure, so that's awesome! 😁 There's quite a few ooths in there too, so fingers crossed I'll have a large culture established soon, and can then spread them around to fellow US hobbyists! 😄
Also, found yet another brood born in my Perisphaerus sp. "Kota Kinabalu" enclosure!!! 😍 Not only that, but the nymphs from the second brood born recently are molting to L2s now, and they already all look healthier than the nymphs from that first brood I had, which was likely a stress induced birth. So yay, crisis averted with those, should have a good colony established here over the next year or so... 🤞

That's gonna do it for these short updates, will see y'all tomorrow with another new acquisition post! 😉

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