Sunday, January 9, 2022

My New Sapphire Flower Roaches!

Magnificent Beasts 2021 Package Series Pt. 7/7
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Last but not least, the final species my buddy Brandon sent me were these beautiful Eucorydia yasumatsui! 😍 This species has been getting more and more commonly cultured in the hobby, and I'm glad to finally have a starter culture of my own! 

These cuties enjoy conditions similar to other Corydiids, a well ventilated, mostly dry setup with only a third or so of the substrate kept dry. Substrate an inch or two deep made up of coconut fiber or some equivalent, preferably with some chunks of mulch, wood or coconut husk mixed in. Rotten leaf litter on top of the substrate is appreciated, and for food they'll eat dog food, pollen and fruits (with adults favoring the latter two). They are quite small, and rather short lived as adults (with a slightly shorter lifespan than Therea and Ergaula spp.), but make up for this with the beautiful metallic colors adults have.

Now, I kinda messed up keeping these as soon as I got them, and not only kept them in too small a setup, but also gave them substrate that was difficult to dig into, kept them too humid, and let grain mites get out of control in their setup... 😓 Now all these issues have been corrected, however my first female to reach adulthood died prematurely as a result. I've also gained and lost two adult males, and a third one is still persisting in their newer setup. Luckily there are still several subadults in there, so here's hoping the next wave of adults fares better in their new setup. 😅

Here are some pictures of large nymphs, as well as my first adult male (who sadly had a slight wing defect, but I'm lazy and haven't gotten pictures of one of my perfect looking males yet, so these will have to do):


Adult male, with slightly crumpled hind wing

As you can see, these beauties are stunning when mature, hopefully I can breed them successfully now that they're in a better setup! 😁

Huge thanks to Brandon Maines for sending me this latest package of goodies! 😄 Stay tuned in to his FB business page Magnificent Beasts, as he plans on selling publicly again real soon! (and trust me, you'll wanna know when he does! 😉).

Anyways, that's gonna do it for this series of posts, thanks for reading, hope you all enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see everyone next time! ☺️


  1. Fantastic! So you recommend drier setups than humid? I am keeping mine same as you described in your erroneous keeping conditions 😅🙈
    Thank you for another great post 🙏🏻 regards

    1. Yeah, they seem to enjoy drier conditions than one would think of a small tropical roach, at least 50% of the enclosure should be kept dry, the rest humid. 🙂
      Thank you for reading and commenting, always appreciated! 😁

  2. I want them. That's it. I just want them.

    1. They're not too uncommon in the EU hobby, perhaps a bit pricey, but still less expensive than they are here in the US. 😅

    2. Really? Shoot, I need to start looking harder.