Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Mega Little Brown Ectobiid Update Post

Oh boy, this post has been a long time coming... 😅 I've got quite a few Ectobiid updates to share, so let's hop to it.

First off, all my Chorisoneura texensis "AL" have matured (they did so in late December/early January), and I've got a pretty even sex ratio. They've been producing tons of ooths, and just the other day, I found my first hatchlings! 😁 Very fast development time for these, now hopefully I can rear these babies to maturity with little mortality!

Here are some pics of the adults and ooths:

Adult male

Adult female


Really glad I'm having good success so far, I attribute this to the high amount of ventilation they have. Last time I worked with Alan's Alabama strain of this species, I couldn't get the adults to live long enough to lay more than a couple ooths, and the resulting nymphs didn't last long either. So this newfound success is promising indeed. 😁

Next up, a small update on my Chorisoneura parishi. They're doing fantastic, the next wave of adults started emerging a month or so ago, and the amount of ooths and nymphs they've produced so far is incredible. Definitely some feeder potential with these!

Here are some pictures of a medium nymph, and then a bunch of young nymphs feeding with some adults:

Medium nymph

A swarm of nymphs/adults eating apple

I just rehoused them to a larger setup the other day, will probably have 100s of them soon... 😅

So far, it seems only around 9 Margattea sp. "Macao" are still alive, 2-3 have matured into males, there's another male subadult, a female subadult, and a few tiny nymphs that are growing much slower than the others. My hope for breeding this species rests heavily on that one female subadult, who will hopefully molt asap and mate, then make a bunch of oothecae. So fingers crossed that happens... 🤞😅

Some pictures of an adult male, and one of the medium nymphs:

Adult male

Medium nymph

Hopefully I can breed these successfully, would really like to get them established in the US hobby!

My Balta vilis have been doing quite well, most are subadults now and I'm starting to get adults as well! Shouldn't be too long until I have a nice baby boom, this species is doing much better for me than they have in the past.

Here are some pics of one of the subadults and an adult male:

Subadult nymph

Adult male

Fingers crossed I can get a good second generation going here soon! 😄

Now for a dump of misc updates with no pictures... 😅
  • First off, on 1/29, I found Dipteretrum hanstroemi babies! The females have been laying a toon of ooths, and now I'm getting hatchlings, so I'll likely have them available in the near future! 😉
  • I recently found ooths in my Euthlastoblatta diaphana enclosure, which is great! I only have 2-3 females, the other 12 ended up being males... 😂 So here's hoping there's a lot of eggs per ooth!
  • I'm down to one Plectoptera poeyi female, the other one died randomly last month. However, I've also just found hatchlings in their setup, so that's somewhat of a relief. Hopefully there will be plenty more nymphs where that came from...
  • My Parcoblatta americana "Table Rock - ID" have FINALLY started maturing! Should have lots of oothecae being laid here soon!
  • Speaking of wood roaches, my Asian wood roaches, Asiablatta kyotensis, have started laying lots of ooths! I seemingly poisoned my original group by giving them cardboard hides laced with fire retardant chemicals... But the booster group I got from my friend recently started maturing last month, and boy have they been prolific! Should have lots of them soon, fingers crossed!
  • Now, while these next two species aren't brown, they are still Ectobiids, so guess I'll include them in this post... My Aglaopteryx gemma have started hatching out! 😁 And the adults are still alive, and laying quite prolifically, should have a thriving culture of this species soon!
  • Lastly, I've also started finding hatchlings in my Pseudomops septentrionalis "San Antonio, TX" enclosure! 😁 Very happy to have these again, and I'm glad they're thriving in my care!
Well, that's gonna do it for this mega post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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