Friday, May 20, 2022

Welcoming Back a Couple Ectobiids!

Roachcrossing April Package Series Pt. 1/5
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April was a jam packed month in terms of new acquisitions, as I also got a package from Kyle of Roachcrossing mid-April filled with lots of goodies! 😁

Let's start off with one of the most exciting species that was in the box, Hemithyrsocera vittata!!! (Asian Clown Roach) This is my second try with this species, and now that I'm armed with the knowledge that good ventilation is essential to keeping this species happy, I'm certain I'll be able to breed them this go around!

And lucky me, the group of 7 adults/large nymphs Kyle sent me is quite female heavy, seems like there's 5 females to 2 males. They've all matured by now and I've seen females laying ooths, so far they're thriving, and I should hopefully have offspring soon! 😁

I'm a bit short for time lately, so I've only got a couple sub-par pics of an adult female to share this post... I've already gotten pics of this species in the past though, so I'm not fretting about it too much:

Considering young adult die off was my only problem last time, and the current group is doing well, I'd say I've gotten past my main hurdle breeding this species. 😁

Also, I got a big old starter culture of 15-20 Balta notulata from Kyle, since my old colony puttered out... I swear, that gallon container they, my H.vittata and my Anallacta were all housed in last year was cursed to the max... Everything I put in there died out, but my second tries with each species the following year in different setups are all going swimmingly.
So far these Balta are doing well, and I'm sure I'll have a larger culture of them soon. 

Anyways, that's gonna do it for this post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, and stay tuned for more new acquisition posts! 😉

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