Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Misc Darkling & Roach Updates

I'm up to about 6 Zophobas atratus "Sugarloaf Key, FL" adults, four males, two females so far. They've already started breeding, and I've put this strain up on my For Sale List now. 😁 Hopefully they'll spread around in culture and we can get a "Wild Type" superworm strain being bred more commonly in the pet trade!

As I put them up on my for sale list, I realized I never got any pictures of fully hardened adults of this strain, which differ from normal "Hobby Line" Z.atratus in having deeper, more noticeable elytral striations. So, without further adieu, here are some pics of an adult male:

Neat right? Hopefully others will appreciate the differences between this strain and the "Hobby Line" as well.

I've finally started getting hatchlings in my Neostylopyga rhombifolia "Chinese Hobby Stock" colony! 😁 So happy I've been able to breed this species, apparently this strain is quite robust! My adults continue to copiously pump out oothecae, so no doubt I'll be overrun with nymphs soon! 😄

I've started getting more Asbolus mexicanus mexicanus pupae, and should have several new CB adults soon! 😄 I'd also like to note that the adult I reared previously is still doing well now, it's been over a month since it matured, apparently some CB Asbolus will drop dead within a month of maturing for no apparent reason, but mine's made it past that mark, and seems to be in the clear. 😁

Anyways, one of the pre-pupal larvae had it's cell collapse, so I removed it and put it in an artificial cell setup. It updated successfully, and as a result I'm now able to present photos of a pupae of this species:

Hopefully it and it's other pupal siblings will eclosed properly soon, fingers crossed! 🤞😁

You know, I really thought all of my Helleria brevicornis had given birth already this year... Apparently one of my femalss was still holding onto a brood though, and while digging around through the top layer of substrate, I found her clutching a big fat litter of mancae! 😁 Interestingly she hadn't made a large, special chamber of anything like that, and seems to be actively holding onto these curled up mancae. I assume they'll probably molt shortly after being "born", and then immediately disperse (as they're basically the same size as mancae I've found living freely in the substrate previously).

Here are some pictures of her holding onto them:

So cute, glad these have been so prolific for me! 😁

Lastly, a short update on my Pseudoglomeris aerea "Yunnan". They're doing fantastic so far, some of the nymphs appear to be half grown or larger now. 😄 They definitely seem to appreciate heat during the summer, and also seem to prefer bark with lots of cracks, bumps, holes and other imperfections in it, something that apparently Pseudoglomeris as a whole prefer.

Here are some pictures of some of the older nymphs:

So pretty, can't wait to start getting CB adults, hopefully next year! 🤞😍

Well, that does it for this update post, back to our regularly scheduled new addition posts tomorrow. 😉 Hopefully everyone enjoyed, thanks for reading, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time!

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