Sunday, November 19, 2023

More Arenivaga Stuff

Got a few random Arenivaga updates to cover, so let's start with a new addition from Alan Jeon, Arenivaga floridensis "Tampa, FL". 😃 This is one of the darker phenotypes of this species, though unlike the "Ocala" locality, females of this species have some cream colored borders along their abdominal segments. This is my first time working with this locality, and I really love how they look!

Alan sent me a bunch of mature females, and a subadult male, which I've housed in a moderately ventilated container filled with sand, one third of which I'm keeping humid, the rest dry. I'm offering dog food and artificial pollen for food, and am keeping them at around 75-80F°.

Here is an adult pair:



IDK why, but the male reminds me of a little mouse. 😄 My females have been hard at work pumping out ooths, and I've already started to find hatchlings in the enclosure, so things are looking good for me establishing a colony!

Next up, one of my Arenivaga sp. "DOT Rest Area, AZ - Light" males matured, in time to mate a bunch of females that already matured a month or two ago. After seeing an adult male in person, this strain looks closest to A.erratica to me. So I'll give them a tentative ID of Arenivaga cf. erratica "DOT Rest Area, AZ".

Anyways, here is the male in all his winged glory:

Definitely a pretty strain of this species, hopefully they'll breed well for me, the females have already started laying lots of ooths. 🤞

Speaking of males maturing, my next generation of Arenivaga sp. "Phoenix" have started maturing, and after seeing a couple males in person, I am also giving these the tentative ID of Arenivaga cf. erratica. This is the prettiest cf. erratica strain in culture IMO, very bright red highlights on the males' pronotums, and the females are vibrantly colored as well.

Here are some pictures of one of the males:

Glad these have been doing well for me, hopefully I'll be able to make them publicly available by Spring!

Well, that does it for this post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, and I'll see you all next time! 😉 

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