Saturday, July 4, 2015

More roach adults!

Well look who decided to get off his lazy butt and write a blog post! Lots of my roaches have molted to adulthood since my last post, so let's get to it, shall we?

So, one of my Ergaula capucina nymphs molted into an adult male, and it is quite nice looking! You can't really see it in the pics, but this guy is covered in brown, velvety hairs. Another nymph looks like it will mature soon, and I'm pretty sure its gonna be a female!

Another horseshoe crab roach molted to adulthood, and I now have a male female pair! (with the newest adult being the male). Here are some pics:

And finally, two more question mark roaches matured, one male, and one female! (at least I think so).
Also, the male is what they call an "irregular" morph, his question mark melds together with his spots. Here are some pics:


I'm really having fun with my roaches, and I love watching them grow up! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed! :)

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