Sunday, January 3, 2016

My New Parcoblatta lata and Parcoblatta virginica!

I have about a 15 nymphs of the broad wood roach, Parcoblatta lata, some are tiny and others are almost full grown. These are among the largest of the Parcoblatta, and are the biggest species of Parcoblatta I currently own. They are a bright reddish brown with black stripes.

They are in a medium sized plastic container with moist coconut fiber as the substrate, and cardboard pieces and dead leaves/wood as hides. I am feeding them dog food, fruits and veggies. 

I got some pictures of some of the larger nymphs, here they are:

I have more than enough to start a colony of these guys, so I should be able to breed this species with no problems! I can't wait 'till they mature! :)

I only have about 5 nymphs of the Virginia wood roach, Parcoblatta virginica, hopefully that will be enough to start a colony with. I think it should be, I started my Parcoblatta americana colony with only 4 individuals and the population has reached over 80+!

I am keeping these in a medium sized plastic container, with a substrate of moist coconut fiber, rotten wood chunks, and bits of dead leaves. For hides I am using cardboard pieces, dead leaves and a piece of wood. I am feeding them the usual roach fare. 

Here are some pictures of the nymphs:

Hopefully I will be able to start a colony of these guys, only time will tell.

I hope you guys enjoyed, I will see you all next post! :)


  1. Hi. About the P. lata. It might be good to have some dry wood chips and sawdust in one spot of their container or mixed in their substrate. They seem to lay many oothecae concentrated around the wood pieces and sawdust I put in their containers.

    1. I have some wood and bark pieces in their cage, the wood you shipped them with! :) Plus I added some rotten wood chunks that I gathered myself to their cage, so they will have plenty of wood to lay their ootheca on. :)

      Thanks for the tip!