Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Some More Parcoblatta divisa Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the subadult female, just took these today:

Hope you guys enjoyed! :)


  1. I actually got one of these from the order of E.lixa I made from Alan. It was a stowaway that hid in Alan's paper towel while at his parent's house and got shipped inside the package accidently! LOL It acts kind of strange, I put it in the E.lixa container and it just hides in the egg carton, and I haven't seen it eat nything since I've had it.

    1. That's cool, always nice getting a free roach lol! Too bad it didn't have a mate, at least it has some E.lixa for company. That seems normal, these guys are pretty secretive, and you probably won't see it eat.

    2. Ok, good to know it's acting right. Alan actually offered to send me an opposite sex when I let him know about it but I passed on the offer because I don't really like the Parcoblatta genus all that much.

    3. Well that was nice of him, too bad you're not that interested in Parcoblatta, P.divisa are very pretty compared to most Parcoblatta!