Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Good and the Bad

So my package from Reign of invertebrates arrived, and all the roaches came safe and sound! :) The isopods however, are a different story. Here is what I got:

12 Gyna lurida nymphs
4 Gromphadorhina "portentosa"
3 Live Trichorhina tomentosa

As you can see, I got much less isopods than I was supposed to get, almost all of them arrived dead. However, this species is parthenogenic, so three is enough to start a colony. :) It appears that isopods don't have a great survival rate in shipping, especially in the winter. In the end I am happy with my prize, and I am very excited to have two new species in my collection!

Now let's move on to some pretty bad news. Unfortunately, my laptop is broken. The fan inside has broken and the computer won't turn on. This means that I may not be uploading some pictures for a while until my laptop is fixed or we find a new computer. :( So there may be a lack of photos for a bit, which kinda sucks, but I can still give you all status updates.

Hope you guys enjoyed, and I will see you all next time! :)

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