Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hi guys, I'm alive! Today is my birthday, and lots of exciting stuff has happened! Yesterday my family and I went to the Bruneau sand dunes state park, and that was a blast! It was a cloudy, cool day, perfect for that area. Unfortunately that meant there were few bugs out, but I still managed to bring home some cool inverts! We climbed one of the smaller sand dunes, but it was still quite a workout! The view was worth it though, it was a great experience!

Here are some pictures of the area:

Here is a tiny scarab that seemed to be somewhat common there
An unknown species of click beetle (3/14/16 Turns out this guy is a Limonius species) I found on the dunes, I caught two and brought them home

A click beetle which I assume is a Cardiophorus sp, I only found one, I hope it's a female!

An Eleodes caudiferus female that I collected, hopefully she will lay some eggs for me, I have never had success with getting this species to reproduce in captivity

And finally my most exciting find, Eusattus muricatus! I caught several of these, I really hope they'll reproduce for me!

So that was fun, looks like I'll be keeping darkling beetles again, at least a couple species.

For my birthday I am ordering from Kyle, here is a list of the roaches I will be purchasing from him:

6 Corydidarum pygmaea (at a discounted birthday price!)
A sexed pair of Paranauphoeta discoidalis
A sexed pair of Arenivaga tonkawa
A sexed pair of Blaberus sp. "Venezuela"
And one male Byrsotria fumigata for my three females to mate with!

Hopefully all goes well, I will let you all know how the order goes.

Well that is all for today guys, I hope you guys enjoyed, and I will see you all next time! :)

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