Monday, March 28, 2016

My New Coelus ciliatus and Eleodes sp, Along With Some Eusattus Pics!

So, a few days ago I received a package from a friend in CA, which had over 25 Ciliate dune beetles, Coelus ciliatus, and a sexed pair of an unknown Eleodes species in it. I have housed both species together to conserve space, and it's not like I won't be able to tell the larva apart, Coelus have very distinctive larva.

Now Coelus are sand dune specialists, and they need a very sandy substrate. I am keeping mine in a medium sized container filled with several inches of sand, mixed in with a little bit of coconut fiber. I am keeping the lower layer of the substrate damp, with the top layer dry. There is layer of dead leaves on top of the substrate, which serves as a food source. They are also being fed dog food and carrots. They really seem to love the dog food, like most darklings I have kept.

Here are some pictures I took of them!

Coelus ciliatus

Eleodes sp.

Hopefully I will be successful breeding these guys, I have wanted to keep Coelus for a long time, and there does not seem to be much documentation of their life cycles online.

My Eusattus muricatus have been doing well, and they are definitely laying eggs! I have discovered a few eggs at the bottom of the container, they are huge in proportion to the beetles themselves compared to other darkling beetle eggs I have seen. Hopefully they will be hatching soon, I really want to see what the larva look like!

Anyway, here are some better pictures of the adults I took the other day:

I will keep you guys posted on this species, I am very excited to be breeding it!

That's gonna be it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I have some more stuff coming in the mail soon, so stay tuned! :)

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