Saturday, February 18, 2017

Drymaplaneta nymphs!!

Yesterday while checking up on all my enclosures I found that one of my Drymaplaneta semivitta oothecae had hatched, all twelve nymphs were hanging out around the lid of the enclosure! This species apparently loves to climb, and the nymphs did not want to use any of the hides I provided them, which is gonna make feeding them a pain, (and made taking pictures of them a pain too).

After a long and difficult photo session, I was able to get a couple pictures of the nymphs that weren't absolute garbage, so here they are lol:

I'm very happy that I ended up getting nymphs, I was a bit skeptical that the oothecae would hatch after being exposed to the cold while they were being shipped, but they seem to be pretty hardy. Here's hoping the rest will hatch soon too!

Anyway, that's gonna be it for today, exciting developments are starting here at the Invertebrate Dude collection, so stay tuned for some posts on some interesting new invertebrates within the following months! Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I'll see you all soon! :)

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