Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Some Roach Updates

Finally, after a long wait, my Arenivaga cf. genitalis male has finally matured, and he's a handsome devil of a sand roach! I love the dark markings on the wings, much different than the markings on the wings of A.bolliana. Hopefully he will mate with my female and she can start laying some oothecae!

Here are some pictures of the male:

Here's hoping I can breed this species successfully!

My Byrsotria fumigata nymphs have been maturing, and I was a little worried they may be hybrids between B.fumigata and B.sp. "Cuba", (my B.fumigata females were shipped in the same container as male B.sp. "Cuba"), however after chatting with Kyle Kandilian, it seems that they are probably pure B.fumigata, which is great, as the last thing this hobby needs is more hybrids!

Anyway, I took some pictures of them recently, so here they are:

So it seems that they are most likely pure B.fumigata, which I am very happy about, will still be keeping a close eye on my culture though, just in case...

My Corydidarum nymphs have been doing very well, some have even molted to the 3rd instar, which is great! While checking on them the other day, I noticed some of the nymphs were huddled around one of the females. As I started taking pictures of them, the female protectively got on top of the nymphs and shielded them from me, which I found absolutely adorable.

Here are those pictures of them, (in the last pic you can just barely see one of the nymphs poking out from under the female):

I really love this species, I'm so happy that they've done well for me, they are just such unique and interesting little roaches! :)

Finally, I just wanted to announce that all of my Paranauphoeta discoidalis nymphs have matured! :) They did so quite a while back actually, I just never got around to saying so. Also, my original female died a while back, but produced one more litter of half a dozen nymphs before she did. My new adults have yet to produce any offspring, but they should soon!

Here are a couple of pictures I took earlier today, sorry for the poor quality:

I'll be trading half of my adults off pretty soon, (I hope), for some very cool new roaches that I'm excited to share with you, so stay tuned for that.

Anyways, that's gonna be it for today, I hope you guys all enjoyed, I'll see you all next post! :)

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