Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Christmas Zombie Roaches! (Pt. 2)

In case you missed it, see Part 1 here.

No changes.

The large nymph dragged a piece of apple over to it's preferred hiding place and was nibbling on it, was quite an amusing sight! 😊

1/6/18 - 1/7/18
No changes.

The tiny nymph in "pre-molt" ate some cat food, so maybe it's not as close to molting as I thought... In any case, it's encouraging that it's feeding now, like the other two nymphs.

The tiny nymph is looking very elongated now, like it's about to burst... So maybe now it's in pre-molt?

Tiny nymph in pre-molt(?)

Large nymph

1/10/18 - 1/15/18
No changes.

The small lively nymph has molted successfully, which surprised me, since I didn't think it was all that close to molting. In any case, it seems to be very healthy, and I'd say it's in the clear now for sure! Now we'll just have to see if the other two molt...

Small nymph hours after molting

No changes.

I think I'll end this post here on a high note, hope everyone enjoyed, will let you all know what happens to the other two nymphs in the next installment of "Christmas Zombie Roaches"! 😜

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