Saturday, January 6, 2018

Lanxoblatta Pictures, a Pystalla Update & More Panchlora Babies!

My Lanxoblatta rudis are doing OK, my adult female still hasn't given birth to any nymphs though, and on closer inspection doesn't even look that plump. I fear I'm keeping them too cool. However, the gestation period for this species is supposedly very long, and gravid females apparently don't look that plump anyway, so I'm probably just overreacting.

Anyway, I was able to get some pictures of my adult female the other day in some more natural lighting, here she is:

Will keep you all updated on their progress!

Unfortunately, the deformed Pystalla horrida adult died the other day. I tried tong feeding it live, about to die, or pre-killed prey, and for some reason, despite readily grabbing them with it's normal front leg, it seems completely unable to pierce prey with it's rostrum. The rostrum appeared to be perfectly formed, not blunt or anything, not sure why it couldn't properly stab any sort of prey items. Anyway, this caused it to die of starvation, despite my best efforts.

The other five adults are doing great though, and are eating the Pycnoscelus nigra I offer them regularly! I just took out any uneaten roaches and placed a deli cup with substrate in their main enclosure the other day, will see if they lay any eggs, (I have four females and one male I think, so I they should give me at least a few eggs... 😛).

Lastly my Panchlora sp. "Costa Rica Yellow" colony has produced another litter of nymphs, which is great, I definitely have more than enough offspring to keep the colony going now! 😁

Well, that's going to do it for this post everybody, I hope you all enjoyed, will see you next time! 😉

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