Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Success With Eleodes nigrina, & a Hemipteran Mystery!

I did it, I got Eleodes nigrina larvae!!! 😁 Found an L1 larva at the bottom of the enclosure yesterday, along with some fresh new eggs. So far this species seems pretty easy to breed in captivity!

Again, taking pictures through the bottom of the enclosure, not the best quality pics, but they were never going to be since this is a tiny 3mm Eleodes grub we're talking about here. 😅

So now I've just gotta rear these cuties to adulthood now, which hopefully won't be too hard at all!

Now for something a little more intriguing, my sister found a group of interesting looking eggs on top of a mound of dirt near a construction site, I can only assume they were laid by a confused adult bug after one of our recent rains, because they are a little dimpled and obviously were supposed to be laid somewhere more consistently humid. And yes, when I say bug, I mean it, these eggs appear to be those of a true bug, order Hemiptera. I'm guessing a type of stink bug, they look quite similar to these eggs on Bugguide ID'd as Chlorochroa ligata, (not that I'm saying that's what species I have, but I am confident these are indeed some type of stink bug). 

Here are my eggs:

Pretty right? I've decided to try and keep them alive until they hatch, after which I'll more than likely release them, as I'm not too interested in breeding shield bugs, especially since these probably aren't a predatory species.

Well, that's gonna do it for today guys, I hope you all enjoyed! Might be getting some neat new additions here in May, we'll see, so stay tuned for future posts! Take care, stay distanced, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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