Friday, January 8, 2021

Deropeltis Ooths!!!

My female Deropeltis sp. "Masai Mara" has been quite busy, having laid four nice sized oothecae so far, and I just found her carrying her fifth! 😁 She's affixed them all to bark, and covered most of them up in substrate. However, I think I spooked her while she was still covering one of them, and she never went back to finish the job, so it's still exposed quite a bit. Good for pics though I guess, so here are some pictures of that bare ooth, plus her producing her fifth one:

Fingers crossed they all hatch for me and I end up with lots of velvety little babies, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! 🤞😅

Well, that's gonna do it for this short update, I hope you all enjoyed, thanks for reading, stay safe, and I'll see you all in the next post! 😉

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