Tuesday, July 26, 2022

General July Updates

I've been a bit behind on posting, so here's a bunch of random updates from this month. 😄

First off, my Aglaopteryx gemma are doing SO well, already getting lots of adults from the offspring that hatched out late last year. Going to be overrun with these soon, which is fine because this species' is quite gorgeous. 😍

A couple pictures I got of them feeding recently:

A very pretty little species, definitely underrated in the hobby IMO!

Next up, I'm finally getting adults in my Parcoblatta divisa "Montgomery, AL" colony. So far I've got one female, and like 3-4 males, the group seems rather male heavy, but oh well. 🤷😂

Here are some pictures of a male:

Hopefully the current adult female starts laying some ooths soon, and hopefully I get more females maturing too. 😅🤞

Unfortunately the two female Arenivaga sp. "Mt Ord" Brandon sent me have yet to lay ooths, BUT one of my own male nymphs has just matured, so maybe that'll help them along. 😄 I've also got subadult females of my own as well, so that's awesome!

Here are some pictures of the male, the males of this species are my favorite of any of the Arenivaga spp. I've kept so far:

I love the patternless wings, with just a bit of red coloration towards the bases of the tegmina. The orange pronotum is very pretty too, overall a stunning Arenivaga species! Really hope the females get to laying soon, these are shaping up to be one of my favorites!

Next up, I've got updates on both the Teneb pupae we covered in my previous post.

Both my Nyctoporis carinata pupae have eclosed now, and I've got more larvae making pupal cells too. 😁

Here are some pics of a teneral adult:

This species looks so cool teneral, and has proven quite easy to breed. Hopefully these become a hobby staple here soon! 🤞

Lastly, two of my Zophobas atratus "Sugarloaf Key, FL" pupa have eclosed now, and boy do they look cool! The males of this strain have noticeably longer and thicker legs than the females do, I can't remember if that's a thing with hobby stock Zophobas or not... 🤔

Here are a fee pictures of the teneral male, the first was taken with my crappy phone shortly after findings the adult had eclosed. The others were taken with my digital camera, but unfortunately I had put the adult in some old roach substrate, and oddly a bunch of Oribatid mites latched onto it (which looks unsightly, but they'll unlatch soon after I move the beetles to fresh substrate):

I really like this strain, the males especially look awesome with their lanky legs and large pronotums. The elytral punctation on this locality is also quite pronounced compared to hobby stock.

Well, that's gonna do it for this post, thanks for reading, hopefully everyone enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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