Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Better Hemithyrsocera vittata Pictures!

So, I have my long set of "New Acquisition" posts scheduled to come out every other day, around noon my time, and I guess in between those posts I'll be posting updates of species I've already posted about, when I have updates to give. Just trying to spread my content out a little more evenly, I didn't wanna cram all my new additions into a couple posts, you know? But, I also wanna post updates on my collection as they're happening, so yeah. 😛 Anyways, hope you guys are enjoying the steady influx of new content, I've completely shattered my hobby comeback goal of only keeping around 10 species, I'm up to 50 now!!! (but that's counting springtail species too). 😂 Now, to the post at hand!

My Hemithyrsocera vittata are doing OK so far, I never got an exact count of how many nymphs I initially received, but I estimated around 7-8. Unfortunately one of the smaller nymphs has just passed away due to a mismolt, but it did look like one of the weakest individuals... I for sure counted five healthy individuals in their enclosure while doing maintenance the other day, most of which appear to have gone through one or two molts already in my care, and hopefully there are one or two more hiding in the leaf litter. All I'll need is one or two pairs to establish a colony I believe, so hopefully luck is on my side! 🤞

Anyways, here are some slightly better pictures than last time of some nymphs of this beautiful species, they have a weird exoskeleton texture that makes my camera not want to focus on them, and they're hyper as all heck, plus their transparent white segment borders sometimes got washed out completely by the flash... I still want to get better pictures of these, but I didn't want to stress any of the nymphs out too much, not when my starter culture is so small, and the only one in the US hobby ATM... 😅

Nymphs of this species are far prettier than the adults IMO, but I'm still eager to see adults in person, and hopefully breed them successfully! 🤞

Well, that's gonna do it for this post, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, I'll see you all next time! 😉


  1. Thank you for your updates! Its a pleasure to read then! These roaches are absolutely spectacular! Stunning! Can the nymphs climb glass? I would love to have a view of your enclosures as well, it would be great to compare and learn from you on that field as well. Thank you for sharing and good luck!

    1. No problem, thank you for reading! 😁 Yes the nymphs climb smooth surfaces very very well. The enclosure is just a gallon jar with some vertical bark slabs inside and leaf litter, not too much to look at, but I'll try and get some pictures of the setup soon regardless. :)