Sunday, December 13, 2020

My New Ancaudellia hamifera!

Ty Panesthiinae Order Pt. 1/4
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That's right, me and Ty Randall (of Ty Dye Exotics) collaborated on yet another order, this time more Panesthiinae! 😁 Got to keep a couple species from this order, and here's one of them, Ancaudellia hamifera

Ancaudellia hamifera has been in US Blatticulture before, but sadly they went the way of most Panesthiinae here, and died out shortly after introduction. Hopefully this go around they'll stick around, as contrary to what I though from seeing pictures of them, to me they seem like one of the more unique Panesthiinae in culture! 
Nymphs and adults have a layer of short, golden setae on their last two dorsal abdominal segments, so they look like they have golden butts! 😂 The adults also kinda try to curl up a bit and do a little headstand, similar to some darkling beetles, though unlike those, these had no unpleasant defensive secretions to back themselves up. 
Like most Panesthiinae I know of, no life stages can climb, and adults are winged but tear their wings down to nubs not too long after maturing. 

I've got mine set up in a minimally ventilated container filled with a substrate of rotten cottonwood, several inches deep, and I'll be keeping them quite humid. I'm keeping them cool, around 68-70F°. They mainly feed on rotten wood, though I did also mix in some leaf litter just in case, and will offer fruits on occasion too. 

Here are some pictures of an adult female and a nymph:

Adult female


Golden hairs on abdominal segments

A very cool Panesthiinae species, one I really hope breeds well for me! I'll keep you all posted on their development! 😁

Well, that's gonna do it for today, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉


  1. Totally amazing!! These are extremely cool! You’ve got so many interesting spp. now TJ. Looking forward to the updates!

    1. Yeah they're neat for sure, hopefully they'll do well for me! 😁 Yeah the collection has gotten pretty big these past couple months lol! Lots of content for the blog for sure! 😄