Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ceuthophilus cf. agassizii

I caught 3 males and 1 female at a campground last year around september. They have been doing really good for me, and have been reproducing like mad! I have been keeping them in a medium sized container, with a piece of mossy bark as a hide, and potting soil and sand as the substrate. I also added some sphagnum moss for the nymphs to hide in recently. They have been eating dog food and carrots, with the occasional fruit slice. Here is a picture of the cage:

Here is a picture of the nymphs, which look pretty cute! (For a cricket):

And now, some pictures of the adults!

Female. You can tell it's a female by the long stick like ovipositor sticking out of the rear end


I will be moving them to a larger cage soon, the males are getting territorial, and have started biting each others legs off. The female has also eaten at least one of her babies, so I think the caging is way too small for the amount of crickets I have. I will keep you guys posted! :)

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