Friday, February 20, 2015

My darkling beetle pupation setup

Everyone seems to have a different setup for this, so I thought I would show you guys mine.
Here it is!

It is a plastic parts box, with moist toilet paper in each cell (except for the ones with superworms or the cell on the top left corner, that is for rearing miscellaneous wild caught darkling beetle larva).
The larva, when ready to pupate shove aside the paper and pupate. In this picture you can see some pre-pupa and some pupa. I keep the toilet paper moist, not wet, to keep adequate humidity inside the cells. I am also careful to never spray the pupa, or else they will die.
Here is a pic of a fresh(ish) darkling beetle adult:

You can still see through the elytra at this point.
So, this is my setup. Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

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