Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ellychnia hatchi larva

This is a species of diurnal firefly native to northwest america, and unfortunately, the adults do not glow in the dark. However, the larva do! I have kept this species in the past, with limited success. I found two larva under some rocks today, and decided to give them another shot. The larva eat earthworms, most of the time ones much, much bigger than them! I have not had any luck feeding them anything else. Two very cool facts about these is that 1: The larva will work together to take down prey, and 2: They would rather starve to death than eat each other. I am keeping them in a deli cup, with 3 dozen pinholes in the top. For substrate I am using coconut fiber and sphagnum moss. I am keeping it moist. Here are some pictures!


Hopefully I can rear them to adulthood! Wish me luck, and I hope you guys enjoyed! :)

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