Saturday, March 21, 2015

Eleodes sp. (subgenus Blapylis)

I have had these for a while, and they are cool little darklings! They are a bit bigger than the Eleodes cf. wakelandi that I have, and the larva are the color and size of yellow mealworms. The females are very wide, and I have dubbed this species as the "Chubby darkling beetle". The adults love to burrow, as do the larva. They live at least 2 years as an adult. I was keeping them on a substrate of sand and coconut fiber, but I just replaced it with coconut fiber and sphagnum moss, as it had become frass and sand. I keep them dry with a moist corner, like most of my darklings. I feed them dog food, fruits and veggies. They lay eggs readily in captivity, and the larva are easy to care for, but I have not yet been able to pupate any of the larva. They simply won't pupate, and eventually just die. Hopefully I will be able to convince some to pupate sooner or later. Anyways, here are some pics!

Male on left, female on right


The cage
This species seems to be hardy, if only they would pupate!! I will keep you guys posted on these. I've been a bit busy lately, which is why the blog posts have slowed down a bit. I try my best to upload a post every other day, but sometimes stuff gets in the way. Hopefully you guys won't mind too much. That's it for today, hope you guys enjoyed! :)

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