Friday, May 29, 2015

My new Rhabdoblatta formosana!

I got about 20 of these from Kyle at about a week ago, and I am loving them! He sent quite a few freebies, and most of the individuals were adults! The adults are quite skittish, and they will bolt out of their container if you do not apply petroleum jelly on the top sides of the container. The nymphs will literately JUMP of your hands if you try to hold them, thankfully the nymphs can't climb smooth surfaces. I am keeping them on a substrate of coconut fiber and long fibered sphagnum moss, and I am keeping them moist. They eat much more than most of my roaches, and a few pieces of dog food can be eaten overnight! An interesting behavior I have noticed is that the adults and the nymphs like to burrow just below the surface of the substrate at daytime, and will come out at night to feed, which sometimes gives the appearance of an empty cage. Today I checked their cage to find that one of my females had given birth! I am quite excited, this is my first roach litter! Unfortunately, the babies are just to small to get good pictures with my camera, but I might be able to get a video of them. Here are some pictures of the adults, (and one pic of a larger nymph).

Here is a freshly molted adult
And here is the cage
I will keep you guys posted on any new developments with these, hope you guys enjoyed! :)

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