Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Pterostichus Breeding Project

My Pterostichus sp. have been laying eggs in their cage, (which I have been separating into small deli containers with moist coconut fiber), and many of those eggs have hatched! I am keeping the larva in a container with many compartments, I got it from a craft store. This enables me to keep many larva in one small space, instead of tons of little deli containers all over the place. They each have a thin layer of moist coconut fiber as a substrate, and they are eating pre-killed mealworms. There are no air holes in their containers, they don't need much ventilation. For a couple of weeks I have been trying to get pictures of the larva, but the first few instars are too small and too squirrelly for my camera to get good pictures, so I had to wait till the third instar or so to get a good picture of one. Here are a couple of pictures!

The egg
The larva
Hopefully I can successfully rear some to adulthood! Hope you guys enjoyed this post! :)

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