Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Couple of Arenivaga Updates, & an Update on My Tarantula

My Arenivaga bolliana have been doing well, and one of my males just matured a few days ago! Unfortunately one of his wings is a bit messed up, which causes the rest of his wings to not fold up completely, but it shouldn't affect his health or anything.

Here are some pictures of him:

My "adult" female molted as well, I'm hoping she's mature now. She has a bunch of coconut fiber adhered to her, which is an annoying sort of camouflage that I've seen in other burrowing cockroach genera such as Hemiblabera and Blaberus.

Here are some pictures of her:

Hopefully my female is mature and will start laying lots of oothecae! :)

My male Arenivaga tonkawa nymph died, again. I am pretty upset about this, I don't know why my males of this species always die before maturing! :( My females are still doing well, and there is a moist spot always available in the enclosure, so this time it was not due to improper care. Looks like I'll need to get another one at some point, what a bummer.

My female Grammostola porteri, Rosie, has molted for the first time in about three years! She sure took her sweet time with this one.

Here are some pictures of the molt:

I did not get any pictures of Rosie herself, I just wanted to show that she molted.

That's gonna do it for today, hope you guys enjoyed this short post, and I'll see you all next time! :)


  1. My G. porteri also molted recently. Only 2 days after yours!

    1. What a coincidence lol! Happy to hear your Rose hair is doing well! :)