Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Offspring & Adults!

So, it seems Parcoblatta caudelli oothecae hatch pretty quickly, I've already got little nymphs of this species now! 😁 Very happy to have offspring of this unique Parcoblatta species, here are some pictures of them:

The adults are really freaking prolific too, I'm gonna have tons of these soon! Which is good, because the large nymphs/adults are actually the perfect sized prey to feed my picky rose hair tarantula, and the nymphs of this species don't climb or burrow, and it's not like she eats a lot, so these may be the ideal cricket-replacement for her...

Also, I mentioned a few posts ago that my female Gyna centurio gave birth, well I finally got around to getting some pictures of the babies, most of which are now in the second instar!

Here they are:

Hopefully I can rear them to adulthood with no problems! 😊

Now, I am very happy to announce that one of my Eurycotis improcera nymphs has molted into an adult female!! 😍 Man are the adults of this species beautiful! Pictures really don't do them justice, these are by far the nicest looking Eurycotis I have ever seen, I love the patterning on them!

Here are some pictures of the gal:

I really can't wait until more of them mature, hopefully they'll start breeding soon!

Turns out, one of my Deropeltis sp. "Jinka" nymphs has reached maturity as well, and it's also a female! 😃 When I went to grab her, she sprayed a defensive fluid at me, which is something the nymphs have never done to me! (yet...).

The defensive fluid of this species is actually rather volatile compared to those of say, Eleodes, or Mastigoproctus, and actually stains skin that comes into contact with it, as it actually burns through the outer layer of skin I believe. It doesn't hurt to get sprayed, but the discoloration of the skin lasts a few days, washing your hands with soap and water does nothing.

When she calmed down and I went to get pictures of her on my hand, she began trying to eat my fingers, just like the nymph in this post did, and I didn't even have chick feed dust on my hands! 😆 Deropeltis really find me delicious! 😋

Here are some pictures of her:

Note how in the first two pictures, you can see the defensive fluid on my middle finger in it's liquid form, then in the last two pictures, the liquid has evaporated/been wiped off, and the discoloration of the affected skin is clearly visible.

Can't wait until some of the males start maturing, will be sure to snap some picture of them once they do!

Well, that's gonna do it for today, I hope everyone enjoyed, will see you all next post! 😉


  1. Dang, so much exciting stuff going on over there! :D

    The new babies are cool and everything, but man, those adults are STUNNING! Didn't realize how rotund those female Deropeltis were, even more than paulinoi! The extensions on the sides of the pronotum and "wings pads" along with the pronotal markings are also really interesting. :)
    The E.improcera are marvelous like in all the pics I see of them. lol Definitely the most attractive-looking Eurycotis in the hobby.

    1. Indeed, lots of successes going on over here lately!! :D

      Indeed, I am very excited about my new adults! The Deropeltis female had just molted, she'll plump up a bit once she eats more, they are definitely more rotund than D.paulinoi though, even when full! I love those protrusions on the thoracic pads, they aren't even tiny wings, just the unique shape of the exoskeleton!

      I am in LOVE with the E.improcera, so glad I got them! :D They are just so beautiful!

  2. Zophobas adults will attempt to feed on skin when handled for long periods, and like their sharp claws, it is slightly painful.

    (I found a Coniontis!)

    1. Interesting, haven't had any of my Zophobas do that yet, I have had Eleodes try and nibble on me before though!

      Awesome, hopefully it'll be a gravid female! :)

    2. @Invertebrate Dude, What!? I had a good mauling by my first adult not even the fifth time I had held it! lol

    3. I guess Zophobas just find me repulsive... 😭

    4. I wish I was as repulsive to my pets as you. :p