Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pasimachus & Pystalla

My Pasimachus sp. "AZ" larva has molted to L2, and is eating pre-killed mealworms like a champ! 😁 It looks like it doubled in size with this molt, it's one big Carabid larva!

Here are some pictures of it:

Here's hoping it'll make it to L3 with no problems!

It's been a while since I talked about my Pystalla horrida, all 6 nymphs are doing very well, currently most of them are 4th instars, but they are starting to molt to L5 now! 😊 According to Alan Jeon, my L5 nymph is actually a subadult, so I'm gonna have some adults pretty soon it seems! 😮

Here are some pictures of the first nymph to molt to L5:

So far these are doing great in my care, they've grown way faster than I thought they would, and none of them have had any molting problems yet, which I've heard can be somewhat common with this species.

Anyway, that's going to do it for this post, I hope everyone enjoyed, will see you all soon! 😉


  1. I enjoy certain things that go according to plan very much.

    Surely, I am not the only one to notice the uncanny resemblance of your ground beetle larva to one of your big-jawed wireworms?


    1. Me too! :D

      I agree, they look pretty similar for sure!

    2. I actually pondered whether you posted incorrect pics several mins after my discovery. It looked more

      To change subjects quite radically, I saw you win a new unkn Corydidarum from Yunnan in realtime on the roachforum "gameshow" contest. How will you get them shipped? I've heard conversations about universities having more import rights than average hobbyists, and legal restrictions of one kind or another between countries. OF course, no sane hobbyist would throw a bunch of tropical pillroaches into a forest and they wouldn't survive such a thing, but lawmakers are strange.

    3. Haha yeah they definitely look very similar to some Elaterid species I have, there are some dark Elaterid larvae I've seen online that look even more similar!

      Well the guy lives in the US, and will be importing them himself, so once he has them it'll be easy for me to get them, not much different than buying any other roach species from the US. :) On HIS end, I'm not sure how he's importing them, if he's doing it legally or not, etc.

    4. (that was indeed a very radical change)
      ...It looked more like a normal carabid larva a few posts ago, I meant.

      And as for the imports...

      I know you're not directly getting them, but bright green roaches being shipped overseas might attract unwanted attention. We should really start making some noise to protest the policies a bit. Confiscations of African giant snails are well-reported and likely well-deserved, but not for roaches that can barely survive out of humid cloudforests. I know you know that BeetleExperience has finally managed to unblock some goliathuses.

    5. Haha was wondering what that full sentence was supposed to be! Yeah, looks very unique now that it's L2, it's really big too, can't wait to see how big it'll be once it molts to L3!

      Eh, people have been slowly importing actual C.magnifica into the US without running into any trouble, and lots of people bought those white Panchlora from Gil last year without any problems, and those were pretty eye catching! I feel like we as Blatticulturists have a good thing going currently, making a political ruckus may bring more harm than good. Already Blatticulture is on thin ice in terms of legality, technically any invertebrates that eat plant matter and can survive on a diet of only plant matter, aren't legal to keep in the US, this includes roaches. It seems like APHIS doesn't really care that much right now though, but they are looking into making it officially legal to keep some of the commonly kept species like G.portentosa, B.dubia, etc. If they actually do that though, they may get more strict about keeping roach species that HAVEN'T been "cleared" yet, so to speak, so I'm hoping they won't get around to doing anything with the roaches anytime soon, they probably have bigger fish to fry right now.

    6. It certainly appears that I am not well-informed.

      On one hand, they are eagerly shipping in Cotinis-colored pillroaches from whoknowswhere

      On another hand, roachcrossing reserves a special section for Florida legal roaches (implying that the other ones are banned)

    7. Well FL put up a ban on all non-native or non-introduced roach species a long time ago, which many breeders take very seriously. For some reason, our government never made any real regulations for most of the other states though, so now the pet and feeder roach hobby is quite large in the US, and many petstores are even selling feeder roaches now.

  2. Neat!

    I have about 35 l4 platymeris nymphs that have just started molting to l5 in the past few days, along with new neonates hatching every day... my colony is on the verge of a population explosion.

    1. Thanks! :)

      Wow, that's a lot of assassin bugs! Which Platymeris species? Looks like somebody needs to start culling some off! :p

  3. biguttatus

    i'll probably start selling/giving them away when the offspring of this batch of nymphs start hatching.