Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pystalla horrida Adults!!!

Well, apparently I've been worrying over nothing, yesterday I was doing maintenance in my collection, and found out that two of my Pystalla horrida nymphs had molted into adults! 😁 Shortly after checking on them all, another one of my subadults began molting into an adult as well. So now I have three, healthy adults, and boy are they big and stunning!

That premolt period was very long compared to all the previous ones, was very surprised to see adults in my enclosures, as I thought they were slowly starving themselves to death! Glad to see that wasn't the case, and that they aren't the picky eaters I thought they were! 😄

Here are some pictures of them:

Looks like I'm going to have to make a big breeding enclosure now, hopefully I'll get quite a few offspring from them! 😊

Well, that's going to do it for this post, I hope everyone enjoyed, will see you all soon! 😉


  1. Good for you!

    Assassins seem to be like mantids and other ambushers and apparently have slow metabolisms, so I'm pretty sure that a small meal could be enough food for a molt.

  2. Speaking of plush pupae...

    Yes, I know it's a water flea, but she accepts custom requests. Too bad the shop seems to have died.

    (water fleas look a lot like pupae, though)

    1. Thanks! :) Super happy they are maturing now, let's hope they'll breed well for me!

      That's a really cute plushie, probably could pass for a pupa too! Bet she'd make actual pupae plushies if she was still active...

    2. and speaking even more about carabid pupae...

      I have located articles with very exciting notes on carabid breeding. As you know, our local expert Orin has produced captive-bred Calosoma adults (though less than he started with), but one of these has apparently managed to produce more adults from less! See my blog

      (normally even I am not this vigorous, but something which could help crack the carabcode is rather revolutionary.)