Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Invertebrate Photoshoot!

I decided to take some pictures of some random roaches and isopods today with my little Olympus digital camera, which takes pretty nice macro pictures, but only in very bright light, (like sunlight). Here they are! 🙂

First off, we have one of my Arenivaga sp. "Algodones Dunes" females, I finally got some half decent pictures this time, at least, better than most of the other pictures I've taken of this species!

Sadly, my attempts at finding a new source for this species have failed, so I think these girls will die without mating. 🙁 Funnily enough, one of them laid an ooth the other day, it's infertile, so it won't hatch, (unless they happen to be able to resort to parthenogenesis when isolated from males, though I guess that's what happened to the Polyphaga saussurei in the hobby...).

It's a neat looking ooth for sure, and doesn't look exactly like the other Arenivaga ooths I've seen thus far.

Next, I took some pictures of my largest Porcellio bolivari male. All of my males are still doing very well, and I have housed a couple male P.silvestrii and my remaining P.ornatus "South" females with them, all of which seem to coexist without any problems.

Close-up of a couple Sinella curviseta from the second pic
Looks like I'll be trading with Alan Grosse again for some more females, so that's great, hopefully I'll be successful in breeding them the second time around!

I also took some pictures of a few Compsodes schwarzi, which is a species I've rarely photographed, (and almost all the pictures I took of them were a bit too saturated IMO). My colony is doing very well, I've got several dozen nymphs now, and some of them have been maturing recently, so even more are on the way!

Subadult male
Adult female

Next up we got a few pictures of some Oniscus asellus "Mardi Gras Dalmatian"! My colony has exploded over the winter, I've got so many now! 😊

Lastly, I got a few pictures of my Dorylaea orini nymphs. As usual, these were a pain to photograph, these few pictures were the best I could get.

This species has been doing very for me, all my nymphs are growing pretty quickly! Hopefully by the end of spring I'll have adults! 😁

Anyway, that's gonna do it for today folks, I hope you all enjoyed this post, will see you next time! 😉

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