Thursday, March 22, 2018

Parallelostethus attenuatus Matured!!! (& More)

One of the mystery Elaterid larvae from Illinois has matured, and it's actually a very pretty one! Pretty sure given the size, location and coloration, this species is Parallelostethus attenuatus! Hopefully the other larva that looked just like this one will mature soon as well, if I had a sexed pair of this species and could breed them, that'd be amazing! 😁

Here are a few pictures of the new adult:

Really nice right? Here's hoping the other one matures soon and is the opposite gender!

Also, the Coniontis sp. "CA" pupa I showed off a few posts ago has eclosed into a big, healthy adult, which is great! 😊

Here is the one half decent picture I could get of it in the teneral state:

Here's hoping there are many more where this one came from!

Well, that's gonna do it for today's post, I hope everyone enjoyed, see you all next time! 😉


  1. WANT

    How long does the average non-Alaus non-Pyrophorus adult elaterid typically last, in your experience?

  2. You may want to ask the seller of the wireworms to look for adult Parallelosthethus, because it’s probably their season right now.

    1. Depends on the species really, some only last around a month or two, others can go on for 4-5 months, just as long as Pyrophorus!

      Unfortunately I think he moved to TX... :/

    2. Which ones were the short-lived spp?

    3. The Melanotus and Limonius sp. were the shortest lived I think, however both were WC adults, so I guess I'm not 100% sure on how long they can potentially live.

  3. Psst, I’m plotting Operation Pink Recluse (cough, hisser infestation, cough, cough)

    Want to help?

  4. New update: the Pink Recluse thing has not gotten off the ground yet....

    But something else will

    I abuse Instagram by barely posting photos and talking constantly about entomology. I was chatting with one of our Beetleforum friends who has an Entosociety of America membership (pretty sure you know who he is) about hisser infestations. Now, ESA isn’t necessarily our friend (, but it could prove useful.

    World domination shall be ours. You lead the Pystalla army, and I’ll manage the guillotine!

  5. Update: the pink recluses thingy has gotten pretty big, though still not airborne yet.

    1. Sorry for the late reply!

      Haha I'd like to help, not sure how though! I don't see anything on your blog about a "Pink Recluse" operation...

      That roach article was so cringy to read, and I'm a bit disappointed Dominic Evangelista associated himself with it! :/

    2. Evangelista is the same guy who runs the roachbrain website you mentioned to me. Even more disappointing now, isn’t it? As Exterminator Breakfast 2 says: insect hate has worked itself into all the major segments of our society here!

      I’m keeping the pink recluse thingy low-profile so no “enemy spies” are alerted. This is less unlikely than it appears. One Insta exterminator got all his friends to flatter his posts

      The project is going off trajectory due to unforeseen events, but if you are willing to start Insta-ing I can message you privately

      @Invertebratedude is your account, I assume? It’s empty =(

    3. Oh, and I forgot the good part

      Whatsthatbug has accepted the dipteran clothes moth from Terminix, apparently! The guy doesn’t like the green widow because my screenshots were all chat room text and no pictures

    4. Yup, and he's a cockroach taxonomist as well, he's been pretty helpful in identifying a lot of species being cultured in Europe lately, and works at the Museum of natural history in Paris if I remember right...

      Ah OK, I get you. ;)

      Oh, it's on instagram. Yeah I'm not really active there, I've got an account but I've been avoiding fleshing it out, Facebook has already been such a huge timesink for me, I'm not sure I'm ready to get sucked into instagram as well! XD
      I'll see if I can find it there, what exactly is the gameplay here?

  6. At least the poor Xestoblatta got named berenbaumae and not something insultingly stupid.

    I have private messaged you on Insta

    (if you use it properly it is really just a bigger version of Beetleforum)

    1. Well that's OK, glad it wasn't something worse...

      Alright, good to know! :)