Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Eleodes Updates

Alrighty, I've got some Eleodes updates for ya'll, so let's dig in! 😀

First off, my Eleodes nigrina. My females have been laying more eggs, they don't appear to be the most prolific of Eleodes, but having four is gonna ensure that I still get a lot of offspring... 😅 Some of my older larvae have grown quite a bit, I'd say they're a third of the way grown in terms of length already!

Here are some pictures I took of one of the larger individuals:

Not the best pictures, but hey, better than nothing... 😂 I'll be sure to keep you all updated on these, so far they seem rather easy to breed.

Now, for a kind of disappointing update, unfortunately I do suspect I was right in my original assumption that my "Eleodes cf. extricata" male was a male E.rileyi, as I just found a female of E.rileyi in the same area, and looking at her pronotum I really don't see much of a difference between hers and the male's in terms of the acute anterior angles...

Here are some pictures of the female I just found:

I could be wrong, but I do think the male my sister found is actually a male E.rileyi, like this female... I'll keep looking though, maybe I'm wrong and I'll find some E.extricata females! 😅

As far as my Eleodes obscura go, I unfortunately still have not seen offspring, neither eggs or larvae... BUT, my females have finally started burrowing, which is a good sign of egg laying, so fingers crossed I see some larvae in there soon! 🤞

And last but not least, just thought I'd let you all know that my Eleodes sp. (subgenus Blapylis) substrate is teeming with tiny larvae now. 😄 They seem just as easy to breed as I remember them being so far!

Well, that's gonna do it for this post, I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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