Wednesday, June 9, 2021

F2 Cryptoglossa muricata!!!

I just found 4 small Cryptoglossa muricata larvae in my breeding bin for that species, looks like I did indeed end up with a pair out of my three CB adults! 😁 And what's more, these may very well be the FIRST ever documented F2 Cryptoglossa muricata larvae in the world! 😄

I hope there are more larvae where these came from, but I also think I may have found them a little later than I'd hoped I would... The largest larva is easily double the size of the other three, Cryptoglossini larvae are quite cannibalistic and I think I may have lost quite a few larvae as a result. However, if I can rear these four to maturity, I'd still more than double my current population. 😂

I have all four set up in 2 oz deli cups filled with a sand and coco fiber mix, that I'll be keeping semi humid, or half humid half dry if possible, kinda hard to make moisture gradients in such small containers, especially with sand in the mix. On top of the substrate I have some crushed, well rotted leaf litter, and I will be offering chick feed as well for protein, (might even offer them Conibius and/or Blapstinus larvae, since both those colonies are breeding again after a mild winter diapause). I'll be keeping them dark, and at room temps for now.

Here are some pictures of the largest larva:

I'm quite happy that my CB adults have produced CB larvae of their own, I was beginning to become skeptical that I even had a pair, since I have never seen them mate before, whereas it's hard not to catch most other darkling genera copulating in captivity... 😆 

Anyways, that's gonna do it for this post, thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll catch you next time! 😉

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