Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Random Roach Updates

Well, as of a couple weeks ago, I've finally got Symploce morsei adults! 😁 Looks like I have several pairs ATM, and they're already mating and pumping out ooths, so fingers crossed for some babies soon! This species is quite pretty IMO, large nymphs have very interesting coloration, and the adults are a beautiful, pallid orange-brown color.

Here are some pics of a couple large nymphs, and a couple adults:


Adult male

Adult female

Let's hope I start seeing hatchlings soon, if so then I'll have passed the main hurdle of breeding this species: hatching the ooths! 🤞 😄

Now this is quite exciting, my largest Rhabdoblatta parvula nymph, a male, has reached maturity. 😁 At least one of my female nymphs is a pre-sub now, and the other nymphs are growing well (some faster than others), so I should be able to breed them here within a month or so! 

Here are some pictures of the beauty:

Gorgeous right? 😍 Females of this species are supposedly a brighter red color, so the sexual dimorphism is strong in this species. Fingers crossed I get to see an adult female here soon!

Now, remember the itty bitty Salganea raggei nymphs I got from Ty Randall in November? Yeah they're mature now, well most of them are. 😂 Salganea seem to grow super fast for Panesthiinae, 6-8 months or so under optimal conditions. I had forgotten just how large these are compared to the other species of Panesthiinae I work with, they're giants compared to the rest! 😄

Here are some pictures of one of the young adults:

S.raggei VS P.a.cognata

As you can see, compared to Panesthia angustipennis cognata (one of my larger Panesthiinae), these things are giants. 😄 Hopefully they'll breed well for me, fingers crossed!

Lastly, a few of the nymphs that came in my original group of Eupolyphaga sinensis "White Eye" are maturing now, including some males. 😁 So, I finally get to show off what an adult male of this species looks like!

Here he is:

Such pretty males, kinda look like normal form Arenivaga bolliana males, but a bit hairier. 😀

Anyways, that's gonna do it for this post, get ready for another couple series of new acquisition posts coming up though! 😄 Thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, stay buggy, and I'll see you all next time! 😉


  1. 😲 your parvula male is so red... !! Amazing !! Even without a flash it's very distinct red. Nice ! Great to know they are doing well for you!
    Regarding the Eupolyphaga sinensis, how big are the adults of this species?
    Thanks for the updates always a pleasure to read 🍻

    1. Yeah, much redder than I was expecting. I waited several days to for him to fully darken up before taking these photos, so this is his final coloration. Can't wait to see the females. 😍

      Adult females are rather large, maybe an inch and a half in length when plump. Males mature at a much smaller nymph size than females, but with their wings they're technically a bit longer than most females.