Saturday, July 2, 2022

A Couple New Roaches!

Magnificent Beasts 2022 Package Series Pt. 3/3
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Lastly, I've got a couple new roach species to show off from Brandon's box that I've never worked with before. 😁

First off, the Formosan Assassin Mimic Roach, Paranauphoeta formosana. Brandon sent me an adult trio, one male and two young, but very gravid females. 😍 Hopefully they'll give birth soon, these things are HUGE compared to P.rufipes and P.lyrata!

I've got them housed in a well ventilated, gallon enclosure with an inch or so of coconut fiber as the substrate, with bark and cork tile hides. I'm keeping them humid and warm, around 75-85F°. I'll be offering dog food and fruits as the main diet.

Here are some pictures of one of the females:

Such a large, pretty Paranauphoeta species, really love these! 😁 Hopefully one day I'll get to keep P.rufipes again, those are still my favorites... 🤞 Overall this is one of my favorite genera to keep, would love to see some new species enter culture here one day as well! 😊

Lastly, a more simple, but still relatively uncommon species, Pycnoscelus tenebrigera, AKA the "Fiery Roach". This is a sexually reproducing Pycnoscelus species, females have tiny vestigial wings and are very dark brown, males on the other hand are fully winged and a fiery orange color, hence the common name. I wanted to get these to get good pictures of the adults, particularly the males, but also because they're currently uncommon in the hobby and I'd like to see that change. 😄

I've got an adult female and about a dozen small nymphs, housed in a moderately ventilated container with an inch or two of coconut fiber substrate. I'm keeping them humid, and at around 75F°. I'll be offering dog food and fruits as the staple diet.

Here's the adult female:

Once I get adult males popping up I'll get some pictures of those, and maybe a couple shots of an adult pair together. Hopefully these will breed well for me, I'm pretty sure they will considering it's a Pycnoscelus species, but still. 😂

Well, that's gonna do it for this series, thanks again to Brandon Maines at Magnificent Beasts for this box, hopefully he'll be selling publicly again soon! 😁
Thanks for reading everyone, hope you all enjoyed, stay safe, stay buggy, and I'll see y'all next time! 😉


  1. wow!! those P.formosana seem somehow different from mine. Yours seem to be a little bit more elongated on the wings.... maybe its just my impression.. lol Those pycnoscelus look amazing! would love to have them in the collection! hope one day when you have thousands :D can spare a few :D Thanks for another post!

    1. Hmm, that's interesting. Now I need to go back and watch your video on your P.formosana colony and compare... 😄

      The males of these P.tenebrigera are even prettier than the females! Considering it's a Pycnoscelus species, I'll probably have hundreds in a year from now. 😂 Can certainly send some in the future! 😉