Saturday, September 10, 2022

Pretty Princisia, Moth Fly Surprise, & More!

Here are some short little updates on a few of my invertebrates. 😊

First off, my Princisia vanwaerebeki "Big/Black" are doing well, and I'm getting a lot of really pretty adults this generation. 😁 One male in particular really caught my eye the other week while doing maintenance, and I just had to get some pictures of him:

Ain't he a big beauty? 😍

Now for an update on the Moth flies I talked about in one of my recent posts. Apparently they are NOT Lepiseodina conspicua, but rather Setomima nitida. 🤔 Kyle originally noticed the Setomima popping up in his Lepiseodina culture at around the F7 generation of the colony, and initially thought they were merely aberrant Lepiseodina. He's not sure how they got mixed in with them, and even weirder, he's ONLY finding Lepiseodina adults in his culture now. 

However the culture I have is entirely just these Setomima nitida, and I've never seen an actual Lepiseodina conspicua in the colony... 😅 Perhaps when I initially got the culture from Kyle, it was truly a mix of Lepiseodina and Setomima, but after the immediate mass die off they had (due to me not giving them any ventilation in their original setup), all the Lepiseodina conspicua died off, and the only survivors were a few hardy Setomima nitida larvae... 🤔 It's the only rational explanation I can think of. Oh well, they're still pretty IMO, and now I have actual showy moth flies to look forward to acquiring in the future. 😄

Next up, my Neatus tenebrioides have produced quite a few larvae, and are now up for grabs on my For Sale Page. 😉 The larvae are quite cute and chonky, and boy are these things prolific! A very cool species that I see having great feeder potential!

Here are some pics of one of the larvae:

Cute right? 😄 So chubby, kinda remind me of lighter colored Alphitobius larvae.

I'm happy to report that I finally started getting larvae from my Eleodes obscura glabriuscula again, apparently this species/subspecies only lays in late Summer and is very in tune with when that is, even in captivity. 😅 Hopefully this time I'll rear more than one CB adult up, especially now that I KNOW I'm actually getting larvae from them. 😆 

Here are a couple pictures of my two females (one WC, one CB):

Hopefully I can get a nice colony of these going and establish them in captivity, fingers crossed! 🤞

Next up, I'm seeing eggs being laid from my next generation of Vonones ornata adults! 😁 These were giving me a bit of trouble compared to V.sayi when it came to housing multiple adults together, but it seems the only issue was food availability, particularly live prey availability. V.ornata are much more predatory and seem to require prey items at all times to keep the adults happy and stop them from killing each other... 😅 Thankfully springtails work just fine for them, and I've been dunking in tons to keep them happy and fed.

Here are a couple pictures I got of some of my adults:

Very cool Arachnids, so underrated in the hobby IMO!

Lastly a short update on my Perisphaerus punctatus "Macao". They're doing fantastic, got lots of new adults, have had several new broods born in the last few months, overall they've been such a pleasant species to work with. 😊

Anyways, finally got some decent pictures of a group of this species rather than the few individual pictures I had, so without further adieu:

I'll never not love Perisphaerus, this had got to be one of my favorite roach genera ever. 😁

Anyways, that does it for this post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, take care, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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