Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Misc Beetle Updates

Well, my Alaus lusciosus larvae have grown a TON in the past few months, it seems they can actually go from hatchling to adult well within a year, IF fed large amounts of food, consistently. The nice thing too, is that even if you're lax in feeding, it doesn't actually seem to make them mature at a smaller size, they just take FOREVER to grow. 😅 But yeah my largest larvae were maybe just under an inch a couple of months ago, then I ramped up feeding, and my largest are over 3 inches. 😳

One larva has pupated already, with another seemingly following suite. There are some slightly staggered growth rates between them but I'm pretty sure I'll get the majority of adults fairly synced up for sure.

Here are some pictures of my largest larva:

So big! 😲 And bit the tweezers I picked it up with something fierce, I have no doubt a bite from one of these would hurt a LOT (and almost certainly bleed...). 😅

My Chalcolepidius webbii larvae are growing super well, they seem to be just the same as Alaus, as long as you're consistent with feedings and make sure to feed them large quantities of food (which they absolutely gorge themselves on), they'll grow rapidly compared to other Elaterids. Some of mine are nearing an inch already. 😁

Here are a couple "meh" quality phone pics of a larva, because I'm too lazy to get actual good ones apparently:

Looking forward to watching these grow big like the Alaus! 😊

My Eleodes spinipes macrura culture is doing well, and I've reared up some more adults recently, including a very nice, big adult male (which seem to be awfully few and far between compared to females). 😁

Here are some phone pics (again) of the teneral adult male, plus a couple photos of a recently matured (but darkened) adult female:

Teneral male


These are such a joy to work with, unlike the majority of larger Eleodes (which have proven a pain to breed in comparison). 😊 Definitely one of the best new additions to the darkling hobby in a long time IMO.

Well, that does it for today's post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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