Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Random Bug Updates

My Pseudomops septentrionalis are popping off, I'm quite happy to have a thriving culture of this species again, these are a true hobby staple IMO. 😊 

Got a couple half decent pictures of a group of adults the other day, figured I'd share here:

Hopefully they continue to do well for me for years to come!

My Gyna capucina have had another brood or two born lately, looking like a really nice generation for sure! (as evidenced by their return to my for sale list). I've actually rehoused them to a larger enclosure recently, and am keeping them a bit more on the humid side, since the adults seem to really prefer the humid substrate (at least in my personal experience, with my abysmal air humidity, in areas with higher air humidity they probably would like substrate a bit more semi-humid).

I was checking on them recently and noticed one of the females airing out her ooth, while on the side of the enclosure... I only had my phone at that moment, but I had to snap some pictures because WOW their ooths are long! 😆 

Crazy right? No wonder they can have such large litters, though one has to wonder where the room is in their abdominal cavity for an ooth that size. 🤔 😂 

Next up, my Chalcolepidius webbii larvae are growing nicely, slowly but surely. Should probably be feeding them more frequently, but alas I'm being a bit lazy with them and my other clicks, and currently putting the most effort into getting some Deilelater and Ignelater adults to pop out hopefully by Summer. 

Anyways, here's a decent phone pic of one of the Chalcolepidius larvae:

There so cute and chonky. 😊 

Lastly, but not leastly, I've had some verh interesting Psocids pop up in my Porcellio magnificus colony. I sent some pictures to Psocid specialist Diane Young, who says they look to be Rhyopsocus disparilis, though she can't tell for sure without seeing specimens in person (which I'll be sending to her soon).

They're absolutely thriving in with the Porcellio on their driest side, but to be sure I did just set up a deli cup for them, with a mesh lid, a cm of coconut fiber substrate at the bottom (which I'll keep dry with a periodically moist spot), with a bunch of bark and cardboard stacked on top of that. Their favorite food seems to be artificial pollen, which I'm pretty much exclusively feeding them now. They actually sometimes make flimsy little silken covers over areas they congregate in, which I find really neat!

Here are some pictures of them, the all white individuals are nymphs, the adults have black heads, and tiny dark wings:

They're so small (though 2 mms is kinda large for a Psocid TBH), so it's hard to get good pictures of them, at least with my crappy camera, this is the best I could do. 😅 They're really cute though, and probably make decent cleaner crews for drier tanks, or feeders for tiny predators like Pseudoscorpions. 

I also found a species of Liposcelis in with one of my darkling beetle species, which I've also set up a deli cup for. They're a typical darker brown species, very tiny (way smaller than these cf. Rhyopsocus disparilis), but I've been wanting to get a culture of Liposcelis forever, so hopefully I can do that without much trouble.

Anyways, that does it for this post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, and I'll see you all next time! 😉 

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